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Posts by Melissa Hee


CarePortal is an online platform that brings the needs of hurting children and families in our community to your attention. Caseworkers uncover the needs. CarePortal makes local churches aware, giving them a real-time opportunity to respond. ACC’s involvement: Financial support, ACC members and attendees can join the CarePortal email list to receive the needs and requests and links to fulfill the need. You can view the ACC specific CarePortal page here. ACC Contact (please contact to be added to the…

Crossfire Ministries

Crossfire Ministries is a Christian, faith based, non-profit organization seeking to put God’s love into action, dedicated to offering hope and encouragement for a changed life by furnishing the daily necessities to those in need. We show up for the short term and with loose hands allow God to guide the long term. Objectives: To provide food, clothing and other basic items of daily living to those who lack them To offer education and guidance that inspires and equips for…

South Pacific Christian Fellowship

South Pacific Christian Fellowship promotes fellowship, evangelism, and church growth in the self-proclaimed post-Christian countries of New Zealand and Australia. Successful church planting activity has reached many people who need to hear the Word of God in these areas. The SPCF office is located in our ACC building and E. Richard Crabtree serves as an elder for Academy Christian Church. Email: POC: E. Richard Crabtree Address: PO Box 62911, Colorado Springs, CO 80962-2911

Christian Missionary Fellowship International – Tanzania

Our other missionary family with CMF will enter the mission field in 2011. Church planters from many different tribal groups are being trained at our training center near Arusha. These students are provided with instruction in the Bible, Community Health Evangelism (CHE), agriculture, and literacy to prepare families for the church-planting task ahead of them. CHE and mobile immunization clinics have an impact on many lives in remote villages. Church planters participate in the clinics, learning more about disease prevention…

Bangladesh Christian Mission

Bangladesh Christian Mission (BCM) takes the Gospel to the tribal people in the remote Hill Tracts of eastern Bangladesh. Over 60 churches have been planted in the region.  A Bible school is operated in the capital city of Dhaka to train future church leaders and evangelists.  BCM also operates the North Bengal Mission School (NBMS) & Canaan Residential Model School (CRMS) each housing more than 100 residents.  The children are taught biblical principles, English, and other subjects.  Most of the…

Myanmar Vision Ministries

Myanmar Vision Ministries (MVM) continues to evolve as ministry needs change or ministry expands to areas not previously served, including the Delta Region.  Ongoing projects include the Mrade Fishing Project and the MVM Christmas Outreach.  The Eastern Seminary of Graduate Studies (ESGS) continues to play a central role in the various ministries of MVM. With graduate level classes and campuses in key regions of Myanmar, ESGS trains leaders for every kind of ministry that MVM facilitates including leadership development, women’s…


International Disaster Emergency Service (IDES) is a worldwide channel of benevolence and evangelism assisting those who have suffered from natural disasters and emergencies. IDES provides funds to feed the starving, help the sick, secure fresh water, and rebuild. Website: Email: POC: Rick Jett, Executive Director Address: PO Box 60, Kempton, In 46049-0060

Andy Rodriguez (Japan)

Andy Rodriguez serves in Nagoya, Japan with his wife Jenny and their two boys. In 2007, compelled by Christ’s commission and the great need for the gospel in Japan, Andy joined a team of church planters who moved to Japan with a vision to make disciples by planting churches in urban Japan. Japan is a modern country that is only 1% Christian. The first church began in December 2009 in Nagoya, Japan, of which Andy serves as lead pastor. By God’s grace, MSCC…

African Leadership Development

African Leadership Development exists to Assist the Church, by Mentoring, Empowering, and Networking Leaders in Africa.  The Houses of Hope Africa, our orphan care ministry, is caring for 20 orphans in Zimbabwe, who have lost their parents and aunts and uncles due to HIV/AIDS. Email: POC: Dr. William Rapier Address: 6159 Applewood Ridge Circle, Colorado Springs, CO 80918 Phone: 630-280-9401