Andy Rodriguez (Japan)

Andy Rodriguez (Japan)

Andy Rodriguez serves in Nagoya, Japan with his wife Jenny and their two boys. In 2007, compelled by Christ’s commission and the great need for the gospel in Japan, Andy joined a team of church planters who moved to Japan with a vision to make disciples by planting churches in urban Japan. They created Mustard Seed Network, whose goal is to plant 12 churches in urban areas across Japan by 2025 and whose mission is to glorify God by making disciples through planting gospel-centered churches in urban Japan.

Japan is a modern country that is only 1% Christian. The first church began in December 2009 in Nagoya, Japan, of which Andy serves as lead pastor. By God’s grace, MSCC [Mustard Seed Christian Church] has grown into a vibrant church in the heart of the city that is committed to gospel-proclamation, relentless evangelism, biblical teaching, authentic community, and disciple making.

After planting the first church in Nagoya, a team was sent to Osaka and a second church was planted in 2011. A third church was launched in Kobe in 2016 and a fourth in Kyoto at the end of 2017. Tokyo, the most recent Mustard Seed church plant, opened in 2020! Future plans include churches in Hiroshima, Fukuoka, Sapporo, Snedai, Saitama, Chiba and Yokohama. Please check out the following websites to see how you can be involved in this mission to make disciples, develop leaders and plant churches in urban Japan for the glory of God.