Sermons by Taylor Downs

Sermons by Taylor Downs

Real Talk: Isaiah

Throughout 2019, ACC will travel through the entire Bible. This week the sermon focuses on the book of Isaiah.

One Church Many Expressions

There never was and there never will be anyone else exactly like you. Your gifts, your talents, your abilities, your background, your experience, your faith, your heart. The only person who can fulfill the role God created for you is you! You are Indispensable to the body of Christ.

Becoming a Conversationalist

What if God has already given you the skills you need to begin sharing the gospel today? What if evangelism is less about a polished presentation and more about real conversations? No gimmicks. Nothing clever. No need to freak out. Just you, Jesus and others.

Saved From Something For Something

Life begins with and belongs to God. And this life on earth does not last forever. Begin thinking of your life as on loan rather than as a life you own. If your life belongs to someone else and is on loan to you, that changes everything.

Joseph: From Slave to Deputy Pharaoh

The Story is a book of selections from the Bible, arranged chronologically, that reads like a novel while presenting Biblical truths. Come and discover how our story is found in God’s story!