Marriage Ministry – Re|Engage

Marriage Ministry – Re|Engage

Reconnect | Reignite | Resurrect

Re|Engage is a marriage enrichment journey.

Marriages in any condition can benefit by going through Re|Engage, whether you are struggling to get along, your marriage is broken and you wonder if there is hope, or you simply want to grow closer together as a couple. Re|Engage examines God’s design for marriage and applies principles from the Bible to guide couples towards growth in their relationship with each other. Our current session of Re|Engage is full and our next session will begin IN 2025.

During Re|Engage, you can expect to:

  • Receive encouragement by hearing stories from other couples that have experienced victory in the midst of hard times.
  • Learn practical ways to grow in oneness with your spouse.
  • Gain insights from others in a small group setting with a facilitator couple as you walk through the 16-lesson curriculum.

Here’s what people are saying about Re|Engage:

It was incredibly motivating to hear about the struggles of the past and how they were overcome with work and the implementation of these principals. It made everyone very “real” and relatable to us and it demonstrated the power of God’s love and how he can take the darkest situations and bring good out of them.

I learned so much about dealing with conflict in a more honest, loving and appropriate way that has already bled into many areas of my life, most impactful is how it improved how my spouse and I communicate differences and forgive one another.

I like how each spouse is to focus on themselves (the person inside the circle) and then share their answers with each other prior to large group. For those of us who struggle to communicate easily/well with our spouse, it was a very helpful format.