Children’s Online Sermons

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Great job Weaver family on the childrens sermon!


Great job!


Thank you ALL for putting these lessons together for our children! One question… where on the website do we find the crafts, bible verse, etc to copy off and work with? I’ve searched all over and can’t find them (kind of like my car keys!)

Ann Betz

Just click the button above the video lesson. This week’s says “Lesson 2 Jesus walks on water 03-29”. It has the lesson notes and the crafts in that pdf all together. Enjoy! 🙂

Julie Nilsen

Please scroll to the top and click “Lesson 2 Jesus Walks on Water” to download the craft attachments. If you still are experiencing a problem, please email me at Thank-you!


Thanks to all who put this together! Super job!

Julie Nilsen

Thanks, Theresa. Have a blessed day!


Thank you for loving our children so well! We appreciate you.

The Hodges ❤️

Julie Nilsen

Thanks, Dana! Hugs to Carson & Audrey. Miss you all!

Valerie Snively

We watched after the livestream, even though our children are grown. We enjoyed the lesson, the music, and my husband wants to make the storm in a bottle now!!! . Thanks for making this fun and inviting for the young children during unusual circumstances in our world today.

Julie Nilsen

Thank-you for your encouraging words today. I appreciate you Valerie. 1 Peter 5:7

Charlyn Smith

What a great Children’s experience!

Julie Nilsen

Thank-you Char. Thanks for being a wonderful 2nd grade teacher!

Linda Chester

Great Job Miss Julie and Robin!!!

Julie Nilsen

Thank-you. We miss you Linda! Thanks for serving in Preschool!

Cj Applequist

Thank you so much for this! Your skit team went above and beyond! Great job! Looking forward to doing the craft! Everyone here had a lot of fun in this!

Julie Nilsen

Thank-you CJ. Hugs to Ben & Joe & your family. 🙂

Cathie Eaton

Wonderful lesson to encourage the children! Thank you for all of your hard work and obeying the direction of the Holy Spirit.

Julie Nilsen

Thank-you Cathie. Love to you today

Kathleen and Emma Davis

Thank you guys so much!

Julie Nilsen

Love you too, and hugs to Emma!