Bangladesh Christian Mission

Bangladesh Christian Mission

Bangladesh Christian Mission (BCM) is a non-denominational Christian organization that supports the work of spreading the Gospel to unreached people groups throughout the country of Bangladesh.  This non-profit mission utilizes national evangelists preaching the Good News by traveling from villages to major cities; and has created multiple schools and campuses to educate children in basic skills and Restoration Movement-based Christian teachings.  We believe the hope and the future of this country lie with providing children with a solid Bible-based educational foundation that will assist them in creating a better life for their families and friends.  The mission has planted over 60 churches throughout the country, and it operates a Bible School training program in the capital city of Dhaka for future church leaders and evangelists.  BCM has also built and operates four model schools (orphanages) within the country, where approximately 350 students reside.  The students are taught biblical principles, English, standard school subjects, and occupational skills that can be used after graduation. 

A child sponsorship program provides the students with food, clothing, shelter, and a Christian education, all for $40 a month.  Contact BCM by email for more information.  The BCM U.S. Board of Directors includes the following ACC members:  Larry and Debbie Holt, Sean and Michelle Faricy, and Sean and Dawn McClung.


POC: Larry Holt, President, Board of Directors

Address: 8730 Chapel Square Ct., Colorado Springs, CO 80920