Bible Studies

Bible Studies

Bible studies are starting back up again and we’re glad you’re here! Below you’ll find more information about the studies being offered this semester. Registration is online only this semester, so when you find one that interests you, just click this link and follow the directions to register. Registration is open between January 2nd and 16th, unless groups fill before then, and the cost is $15. All studies begin meeting the week of January 17th.

No Other Gods (The Unrivaled pursuit of Christ) by Kelly Minter

  • Monday Afternoon, 1:00 – 3:00 pm  
  • Leader:  Ruth Patnaude
  • Childcare: No

Often, idols are obvious—money, power, fame. But subtler idols can sometimes take the form of sweet loved ones, Instagramable interiors, and busy seasons of ministry.

But if your heart is prioritizing any of those pursuits before God, they are taking up space meant for Him alone.

In this 8-session study, learn to identify the functional gods you are serving daily and the lies they tell. Only when you learn to dethrone modern-day idols can you pursue a deeper, more meaningful relationship with Jesus.

Using Scripture to Change Your Life

  • Wednesday Morning, 9:30 – 11:30am
  • Leader: Margaret Snyder
  • Childcare: No

Most people try to figure out what to do in their life based on their feelings or the advice from others and wonder why things don’t go as planned. This group teaches you how to make decisions based on Biblical truth and the Holy Sprit’s leading. It will teach you how to approach circumstances, relationships, and situations of life from a Biblical perspective and to experience victory and contentment in all of life’s trials, testings, and problems.

This group will use handouts and discussion; there is no video and no book.

Keep it Shut: What to Say, How to Say It, and When to Say Nothing at All by Karen Ehman

  • Sunday Evenings, 6:00 – 8:00pm                                       
  • Leader: Sarah Hamel  
  • Childcare: No

From Bible times to modern times women have struggled with their words. What to say and how to say it. What not to say. When it is best to remain silent. And what to do when you’ve said something you wish you could now take back. In this book a woman whose mouth has gotten her into loads of trouble shares the how’s (and how-not-to’s) of dealing with the tongue.

Beyond just a “how not to gossip” book, this book explores what the Bible says about the many ways we are to use our words and the times when we are to remain silent. Karen will cover using our speech to interact with friends, co-workers, family, and strangers as well as in the many places we use our words in private, in public, online, and in prayer. Even the words we say silently to ourselves. She will address unsolicited opinion-slinging, speaking the truth in love, not saying words just to people-please, and dealing with our verbal anger.

Christian women struggle with their mouths. Even though we know that Scripture has much to say about how we are–and are not–to use our words, this is still an immense issue, causing heartache and strain not only in family relationships, but also in friendships, work, and church settings.